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Economic Benefits of Immigration

Immigration is good for the U.S. economy as a whole and the New York economy specifically. Immigration is key to filling workforce needs, creating new businesses, building up our tax base and fueling innovation. Read more about how immigrants benefit the economy.

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Neighbors Link2 hours ago
From WestFair Business Journals:
“As New York state has seen an increase in new arrivals, Neighbors Link is empowering people with the skills and resources needed to stabilize their lives and settle in new homes,” Otero Bracco said. “In turn, our entire community has been enriched by the diversity, talents and aspirations of new Americans.”

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Neighbors Link2 days ago
The executive actions by the Biden Administration to grant parole in place for the spouses of U.S. citizens and to provide Dreamers with access to work visas more quickly are common sense steps to improve our broken immigration system.

The spouses who will receive relief in this policy have lived in the United States for an average of 23 years. They are deeply tied into their communities, contributing to local economies.

The Dreamers who will receive relief in this policy have been going to school, working, and growing up in the United States. This policy is a step forward in ensuring they have the stability they need to grow and prosper in the only country they have known as home.

We applaud the Biden administration for these practical steps that will keep families together, boost our economy and recognize people who have been living in this country and contributing to their communities for many years.
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¡Aprenda a manejar el estrés y regular las emociones a través de actividades divertidas, manualidades creativas, conversación y apoyo! Unase a nuestro grupo de apoyo Golden Door facilitado por una terapeuta profesional. El programa empezará la semana del 24 de junio, y tendrá lugar dos veces por mes. Se ofrecerá comida y cuidado de niños. Para más información o para registrarse, siga al siguiente link o llame al 914-625-1397:
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Congratulations to our own Jonathan Campozano, Esq., who graduated from the Leadership Westchester program last night! This is a rigorous, nine-month curriculum that is designed to sharpen effective leadership skills and provide participants with the clarity to define and achieve their personal and professional goals in life.

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Neighbors Link3 days ago
As our communities change, so must we. To support their families and be ready for the future, immigrants need forward-thinking tools and training. Neighbors Link has combined our deep knowledge of the immigrant community with first-hand crisis relief work to create a vision for the future where every resident has the opportunity to achieve social inclusion and economic mobility. To achieve this, we've launched the Immigrant Empowerment Campaign, aiming to raise $8.5 million by December 31, 2025. Please click to learn more about our transformative initiative and how we aim to positively impact all members of the communities we serve.
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Neighbors Link
Neighbors Link3 days ago
A medida que nuestras comunidades cambian, nosotros también debemos cambiar. Para apoyar a sus familias y estar preparados para el futuro, los inmigrantes necesitan herramientas y capacitación con visión de futuro. Neighbors Link ha combinado nuestro profundo conocimiento de la comunidad inmigrante con el trabajo de alivio en primera línea, para crear una visión para el futuro en la que cada residente tenga la oportunidad de lograr inclusión social y movilidad económica. Para lograr esto, hemos lanzado la Campaña de Empoderamiento de Inmigrantes, con el objetivo de recaudar $8.5 millones para el 31 de diciembre de 2025. Por favor, haga clic para conocer más sobre nuestra iniciativa transformadora y cómo planeamos impactar positivamente a todos los miembros de las comunidades a las que servimos.
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ESOL and Adult Education

At the core of our mission, education programs provide immigrants with essential tools for social inclusion and economic mobility.

Family Center

The Family Center empowers immigrant families with parent education programs, early childhood development and academic support for children and connections to related community resources.

Workforce Development

All workers deserve equal workplace rights and protections as well as opportunities to grow their skills.

Community Law Practice

Providing a full array of immigration legal services, from citizenship applications to removal proceedings.

Community Engagement

Neighbors Link provides community education programs on a wide range of issues related to immigration.

Support Services

Crisis and support services are provided on medical issues, employment, food insecurity and other issues through an extensive network of partnerships.

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